3 Reasons Why a Flex Belt Is Better Than Your Contour Ab Belt

Published: 16th September 2009
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Haven't you wondered if you could easily and miraculously get that perfect six-pack abs without much pain? On that couch of yours when you are longing and watching TV at all times haven't you wished that it happened with it? Definitely I have. I always did wonder how it would be to get perfect 6 packs without me having to move from my couch. With regular use tight set of sixes that has most heads turning these days is what I am sporting apart from muscles getting toned from this gadget is what I found on doing research.

You tend to eat more than what you had just burnt as you are very hungry because of the painful ab-crunches , sit-ups and puul-ups that leave you drained and exhausted. To prevent this from happening what could be done? In no time a properly toned 6 pack abs can be got if you can look out for a an ab-belt that would help you burn all that excess fat on your belly, this is ensured.

Oh yes I forgot to tell you that there are quite a lot of these so called 6-pack ab-belts in the market. The Flex belt is the one product that works even better when compared to contour belt that seems to work to some extent. Here are 3 good reasons to choose a flex belt over a contour or any other ab-belt.

Same Cost

More in half the time that a contour belt would take the flex belt would give you a proper shape though the contour belt would also do that. Now both these products cost almost the same amount even after including the shipping and postage. I think that it is more logical to invest in a product that is more advanced than the contour belt especially if you are getting both at almost the same cost. Since this particular product the flex belt has got more to offer you , this seems to be definitely a better choice.

More Benefits

There are three pre-positional gel pads in a flex belt which is not there in contour belt. These gel pads cover your abdominal muscles and flawlessly cover your external oblique's as well. Over the contour belt the best control possible is provided and the flex belt has a very simple control-unit that can be understood very easily.

Better Design

The design is well researched as the flex belt is newer to the market. It is perfectly ergonomic and is designed in such a way that it cover the areas that need to be worked upon perfectly. The flex belt unlike the contour belt has a patented medical-grade technology. The only belt that has been approved by the FDA is the flex belt and also it has been tested and approved clinically.

Of all the mentioned goodies I also like the fact that the flex belt gives me a 60-day Free-Trial offer which is longer than what the contour belt had to offer and I have to use the flex belt for half the time of the contour belt and I got better results. What is still making you wait? Your flex belt can be ordered by going online. Stay at home, watch your favorite shows, eat your chips and sport this belt. See the difference in just about a month. Well I did and I am sure that you can too.

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